Border Threat II

Posted: Nov 12 2014

To illustrate the severity of the threat, a video was played of a clandestine meeting with the Iranian Ambassador and Mexican students who had surreptitiously videotaped and recorded the contact. The Iranian official solicited their cooperation in planning and executing cyber-attacks on American nuclear facilities, the Whitehouse, the FBI, the CIA, and the Department of Defense. Rep. McCaul defined the cyber-theft of American intellectual property as the greatest transfer of wealth in human history, at a value of over a Trillion dollars. He reported that our electrical power grid was being targeted. Central to the development of that threat was the Russian/Iranian alliance which was increasing the capability of the Iranians. "They will use it".

The cyber-threat is especially prevalent from Iran and North Korea.He observed that DNI Clapper projected a Cyber Pearl Harbor in the United States within 12 to 18 months. Furthermore, that Iranian/Hezbollah cells are operational in the Western Hemisphere, now. During questioning he was asked about the legalization of drugs. He reflected that sometime in the next 10 to 20 years we, as a nation, will have to examine that option. He did not believe that the legalization of marijuana alone would solve the problem.

The discussion would have to include all of the drugs and cover regulation and taxation as well. He had earlier pointed out that it was American's insatiable appetite for drugsthat was fueling the international drug trade. He reported the successful results of increased seizures by the doubling of the Best Teams along the Border. I asked him if he could inform us about his recent review of security in Houston Harbor. His answer was not reassuring. He told us he believed that Houston was a "Number One Target".

If terrorists could impact our petro-chemical industry here by cyber-attack or physical attack, they could cripple the entire nation. He reported security lapses on a mind boggling scale as simple as "a hole in the fence". [DUKE NOTE: If you can't maintain perimeter security, you have no security.] In commenting on the nature of the world-wide cyber-threat, he pointed out that the primary internet connection was a giant cable which circles the globe and is at it's shallowest depth in the ocean off the coast of Yemen. He also said that there were efforts underway legislatively and physically to harden America's infrastructure against these vulnerabilities.